Duncan & Miller Design strives to create bespoke responses to the design opportunities with which we are presented.  Our work over the last 35 years is a testament to this approach.  Hundreds of clients around the world have entrusted us with their vision, to produce an original, innovative hospitality creation that pushes the bounds of design.  More than designing an interior, we believe our work is to conceive an experience, a memorable moment. Lifestyle is at the core of our vision and pervades every corner of our designs.

Our expertise

Interior design

Interior Design is the art and science of creating memorable, functional and welcoming spaces for guests within a project while maximizing the commercial objectives of the owner and/or operator. Factors such as budget, competitors, the local environs as well as anticipated uses, guest and revenue objectives are all scrutinously taken into consideration while working towards an over-arching “brand” imperative. 

Successful progressing through the Interior Design yields a satisfying guest experience, a financially viable asset for the ownership, and selfishly – another source of pride in our portfolio of projects worldwide.

Graphic & Signage

Graphics serve to galvanize the brand, foreshadowing the guest experience. Clever graphics entice guests and improve the value of the operation. Clever signage elevates simple directional signs into the visual accents that complement the Interior Design.



Comprehensive Art Consultation is the final layering that transforms the Interior Design into a finished project. Initial coordination with the Interior Design team orients the direction of the Art program and establishes the budget, ultimately culminating in a perfectly finished project at grand opening.

Food & beverage

We bring to the table a full understanding of the industry, from the guest experience to the branding image, from the kitchen planning to the service flow of the floor plan, from the need to optimize the area efficiency to maximizing the revenue potential.



Procurement is an indispensable asset for our clients. Developing long standing relationships with suppliers, knowing how to optimize the quality of their offerings, obtaining international standards with local vendors and having high standards of production are all integral part of our expertise.


Lighting design is the essential complement to any interior project. More than a highly technical process, it deftly brings appropriate illumination to the built environment, judiciously incorporating the latest technology to paint spaces with color and clarity..



Our unique “Story Teller” approach begins in Conception. From here, we pivot to our architectural roots, focusing on the spatial art of environmental design. While our spaces reflect regional influence we are mindful of their use and construction. 

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