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Founded in 1989, Dallas-based Duncan Miller Ullmann has grown to become one of the preeminent hospitality interior design firms in the world. CEO Kimberley Miller and her team have been coming to Round Top for years, shopping for their biggest clients. Most recently, it was for Hotel ZaZa Memorial City in Houston. We caught up with Kimberley, in advance of her next trip to Round Top for Hotel ZaZa Austin to talk about her team’s vision, process, strategy and inspiration.

Market Hill: Tell us about your firm and what brings you to Round Top.

Kimberley Miller: We work with lifestyle brands. We know what each brand needs. For Hotel ZaZa, it’s irreverence, whimsy, especially in reference to a particular suite. That’s what Hotel ZaZa is known for: its concept suites, which our firm helped create. For the last project, [Hotel ZaZa Memorial City in Houston], there were 12 specialty suites. We used Round Top to bring special pieces into these themed spaces.


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